"I said to trim off ONE INCH!!!!!"
*Throws hairdresser into prison cell*

Quick doodle of Desna with a bob~
( 6 ) July 6, 2014

I found some of my high school etching prints! They’re so bad it’s kind of funny. My prints look faded and some have fingerprints on the borders.

I’ll scan the one that came out best.

I’m currently trying to finish old drawings, draw digitally, silkscreen more patches, and paint. However, whenever I work on an old drawing an idea pops in my head and I start another drawing, and the same thing happens while I’m starting a new drawing, it’s a never ending cycle. There are days when I don’t know what to do since there are so many things I want to do. So I just sit there and waste my time thinking what to do first. So much for getting shit done this summer.

I also have my hands full with packing things up. My family and I are moving to a new home, we don’t know where yet…. but it looks like we’ll still be living in Queens. I’ll definitely miss this old home, even if it’s run down and spooky. It’s been my home for 14 years after all….

June 29, 2014
Some eye patches I made
( 4 ) 4 weeks ago
Night Owl etching progress in gif form. 

The edges were cut off so I plan on scanning this at school. 

Fun Fact: 
I drew the left side with my left hand and right with my right hand. Which explains why my lines are a bit sloppy on the left. I need to practice.
( 1 ) 1 month ago
Life & Death, 2010
done with microns and pencil
( 10 ) June 22, 2014  
Doodles of some imaginary gals~
( 4 ) 1 month ago